Is Your Business Ready For Mobile Marketing?

make money online in mobile marketingAccording to Morgan Stanley, Mobile Marketing is the fastest growing industry in the history of the Internet. Today consumers are becoming more dependent on their mobile phones and devices.

With statistics like that, it’s no surprise that businesses of all types are rushing to claim their share of this ever increasing opportunity. Is your business ready for mobile marketing?

Here are some facts as to why mobile marketing will play a vital part in any business success from Now.! Not tomorrow or next week.

Mobile Marketing Statistics

  • 4.8 Billion People Now Own Mobile Phones
  • The average person checks their smartphone 34 times a day!
  • 64% of decision makers read their email via mobile device.
  • By 2016, the number of mobile devices is expected to surpass the world’s population.
  • 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arm reach 24/7
  • App usage dominate browsers in mobile devices by 80%
  • The average consumer spends 127 minutes in mobile applications a day!
  • 8% of all web use in the U.S. is via mobile browsing
  • Mobile web browsing accounted for 30% of all web traffic in 2012 and is expected to grow to 50% by 2014!
  • 53% of American consumers use their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day!
  • 60% of consumers search for local business on their smartphone.
  • 90% of mobile searches will lead to action over 50% lead to purchase!
  • 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a mobile optimized site.
  • Mobile Internet usage is projected to overtake Desktop Internet usage by 2014!
  • Local Mobile Ad Spend is going to grow from 800 Million to 18Billion by 2016.
  • By 2016, 88% of local advertising will be delivered on a mobile device.

What Does It Mean To You..?
1. Your business need to implement a mobile marketing plan IMMEDIATELY!
2. You Need a Mobile Friendly Website
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Mobile Marketing Video

Implementing a Mobile Marketing plan into your current marketing strategy really isn’t all that difficult and it’s actually less expensive than you think, but it will take time to set up, monitor and maintain. It can’t be stressed enough that Mobile Marketing is about consistency and commitment. You have to think about what you want to offer your customers, how you want them to react to the offer and what you will do to see it through.

Business is about building relationships and Mobile Marketing fits into this concept perfectly. In order to be successful in offering your customers what they want, you have to first know what they want.

To help you on your way – here are a several steps you can take to begin implementing Mobile Marketing in your business today:

• Learn the basics first. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. If you are planning to go this alone and not hire an agency that specializes in this field, you must learn the basics. The Mobile Marketing Association’s Best Practices Document is a good place to start. Unless you are a computer and Internet guru, some of the information may seem over your head when you first start reading. It’s ok take your time and you’ll catch on.

• Case studies are excellent examples. Case Studies help you to see what other businesses are doing in the mobile world. It can also help get your creative juices flowing as far as what you can do in your business.

• Walk the walk. Use mobile web frequently. There’s no better way to learn something new than by putting it into practice. Subscribe to as many text messaging campaigns you can find. If you aren’t already on an unlimited data plan, now would be a good time to change that. You have to use the technology if you expect to sell your customers on its benefits.

• Determine how you’re going to get your offer out to your customers: text messaging, mobile website, mobile coupons, mobile advertising or some combination of these.

• Find companies who can provide you the technological support you’ll need to get your offer out to the masses. You’ll need text messaging companies, mobile website builders, etc., to make it all come together. Or, if you prefer, hire a one-stop shop to handle it all for you.

• Never stop learning! Mobile Marketing is a new technology and just like everything else, it will continue to evolve even in its formative days. Learn what you’re competitors are learning – but do it first. Don’t get left behind!

Like it or not, Mobile Marketing IS the wave of the future of the Internet. The yellow pages and other forms of traditional marketing have run their course. It’s now time to embrace the new technology and discover what it can do for you and your business.

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